by Cachalot

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released May 12, 2016

Dino Van Bedt : Vocals, Guitars
Ari Timberman : Vocals, Guitars, Keys, Percussions
Reiner-Phrygien Renato : Bass
Axel Merimmo : Drums, Percussions

Recorded at "La Double Croche", Lisieux by Sylvain Legendre
Mixed and mastered by Clément Barbier
Artwork & Layout by Dino Van Bedt

(c) 2016 HeavySlutMusic




Cachalot Lisieux, France

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Track Name: Ulceration
Where do my fears go
When I close my eyes ?
Another world
Made of my own lies

Where do my tears go
When I grind my teeth ?
Into the ocean, into the sky
Into the soil beneath

Where does the pain go
When I clench my fists ?
Into a wall, into a door
Into the first one who resists

My guts, my guts
It all ends there
My guts
Then I won't care...
Track Name: Ignition
Your eyes deep into the flames
Endure everyday tragedy and shame
Suffer, from nothing, and cry all day
Surround yourself, accumulate, throw it all away

Your hands deep into the ground
Find salvation, lose your mind
Every night give in and obey
Give up the dream of burning it all away

You could burn it all, but you can't burn your past
You weren't the first to fall, and you won't be the last
You could set it all ablaze, but you wouldn't last long
Forget those bitter days, and try to move along

Fire, restrain, tomorrow, again

Your back stuck against the wall
Piss on the wounds, hold back an angry squall
Get home, get down on your knees and pray
Gather all the pieces and throw the matches away
Track Name: Destination
On the day that I am broken as he was
Just let me enjoy one very last time
This quiet moment safe from desire
This imprinted gesture that couldn't transpire

Break the wishbone and let me dash
Into the wood alone before I turn to ash

When I have the nerve for a brief instant
To leave any trace as I fade into the distance
You will curse the veins that I had to cut through
You will cherish the pains that I put you through

The soul is cursed, the body crushed
The air is tainted, the water troubled
This wood that I see, underneath...
Track Name: Celebration
One more year has come and gone
Memories fade and leave a freezing void
You bury yourself under the noise to muffle the pain
When the dust settles, you're still the same

Frozen, to the core
And the world goes round
Nothing changes anymore
No more hope, no one around

You start looking for a fight, just to feel something
You know you'll be sorry, when the blood starts flowing
You drown in alcohol to silence your ghosts
But the sun is rising, threatening and cold...